La Semana Santa

Easter Week or Semana Santa is one of the most popular religious celebrations in Valencia, Spain. People from all over the world gather to witness the extravagant processions that take place throughout the city.

The festivities begin on Palm Sunday, where the streets are filled with people waving palm branches in honor of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem. As the week progresses, different fraternities or ‘hermandades’ parade through the city, showcasing stunning religious effigies, vestments and candles.

One of the most remarkable parades is the «Procesión de los Cristos», where eight brotherhoods parade their images of the crucified Christ. The procession starts on Maundy Thursday and ends on Good Friday with the “Encuentro”, where the image of the Virgin Mary meets her son’s image.

During Holy Saturday, ‘Las Turbas’ procession takes place. Self-flagellating penitents carry heavy crosses as a sign of atonement for their sins. The atmosphere is solemn and unique, and visitors can witness the deep devotion of the Valencians.

Easter Sunday marks the end of the Semana Santa celebrations with a festive procession featuring the resurrection of Christ.

Attending Valencia’s Semana Santa is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The impressive processions, the solemn music, and the deep devotion of the locals are what make this celebration so special. Anyone interested in spirituality or tradition would undoubtedly treasure such an encounter.

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